За насОДК Шумен

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The united children’s complex is a prestigious school for finding and development of the talents and gifts of the children of the town of Shumen.
This is an out-of-school team within the system of education and science. By organizing free time activities there, we implement the state and municipal policy for development of the interests, skills and abilities of the children in different fields of science, arts and engineering.
The complex has an up-to-date material base, cozy cabinets, training experimental ground, an attractive base for recreation and training at the territory of the Natural park “Shumen plateau”.
The complex offers more than 30 original pedagogical forms – clubs, schools, teams adjusted to the wishes, interests and free time of the children and parents. They are open and accessible for all children whatever their social status, ethnical belonging or religious beliefs are.
Experienced pedagogues create and realize there author’s and mobile programs for informal education within every age group. The established communication environment enables the pedagogues to perform qualitative educational process while being teachers and close friends with the children at the same time.
The long years of experience made the Complex gradually  become a centre not only for out-of-school occupations, but made it a preferable place for visits and communication.
The children’s complex staff organizes attractive popular public performances throughout the year. There the children and students have the exceptional opportunity for personal contribution in races, competitions, festivals, exhibitions in different fields of knowledge. The trainees of the Complex are bearers of prestigious international, national and municipal awards and insignia of honor.
The continuous expansion of the field of activities makes the Complex a unique attracting centre and succeeds in the formation of new permanent notions in more and more children and adolescents. Its activities assist for the quality of the new unity of the programs and certain action of all factors within the education system at the territory of the town of Shumen and beyond that system.